Streetwise Self Defense System

Reality Self Defense seminar with no long term commitment to a martial arts program. You do not have to be a member of the Hoover Karate Academy.

Sensei Tim Hoover, founder and owner of Hoover Karate Academy developed this seminar. The Reality Self Defense seminar utilizes tactics and techniques that allow you to focus primarily on self-protection and self-defense for the purpose of being well equipped in the face of potentially harmful and dangerous situations.

Reality Self Defense seminar is offered on location at the facility of your choice or at Hoover Karate Academy in Allentown. Each seminar is three hours long and moves progressively through seven segments. Trained assistants join Sensei Hoover to aid in both demonstration and instruction. They also help to create realistic encounters between "victim" and "attacker". By using practical strategies that have been time and combat tested, you will learn to combine instinct and awareness with a realistic approach toward self-defense that is structured around seven fundamental areas:

4Ground Defense

As the scenarios become more threatening and complex, you will learn how to protect yourself from a wide range of attacks, progressing from an unarmed assailant standing at a distance to an attack on the ground to an armed fight with multiple attackers.

*No experience necessary
*No long term commitment required
*Can accommodate all ages and fitness levels
Gary Shankweiler

Firearm Introduction

The program includes an introduction to firearms taught by an experienced and certified instructor Gary Shankweiler. Gary has over 50 years of experience in shooting sports as well as 25 years of martial arts training. In phase 7 of the program, Gary will train you how to safely and responsibly handle firearms before deciding to purchase a pistol for self-defense, target shooting or just shooting for fun.

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone age 16 or older may train in this seminar. The program is ideally suited for professional organizations, social groups, clubs and personal gatherings. Every seminar is tailored to accommodate each group personally, providing alternatives to the "freeze" or "flight" response when faced with threatening and potentially harmful situations. The program offers practical and tactical strategies with nothing to lose and everything to gain. Train to protect yourself and your loved ones, by learning with no long term commitment to martial arts training.
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Pistol Basics that everyone should know

Our goal is to provide you with an introduction to the basics of pistols. We cover the general characteristics and mechanics of several types of pistols. This is a great course for new or inexperienced shooters. Below is an outline of the material that will covered in detail through both lecture and the hands-on presentation.
  • An introduction to Permit to Carry covers the carrying of a firearm in Pennsylvania. We will also discuss obtaining a carry permit for multiple states.
  • Firearms in Home Protection & Invasion covers the Caster Doctrine, the rights of home owners and the storage of firearms in your home
  • Treat Every Firearm As It Was Loaded covers basic firearm safety and basic pistol mechanics and operations including revolvers and semi-automatics.
  • The fundamentals of ammunition and calibers will also be discussed.
  • Factors you should consider before you choose a firearm will be presented.